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What public problem concerns you? Why does it concern you?

Now, consider these categories:

In which category does the problem you identified best fit? Why?

Can you narrow this category further?

In which sub-category does your problem fit? Why?


Conduct a search in a news aggregator or relevant news source:

Paste the MLA citations for those sources here:


Now, what do you know about this problem?

What do you WONDER or WANT to know?

In order to satisfy that curiosity, what must you find, learn, or know? List those questions.

With whom could you discuss this problem? Why?

Now you are ready to:

Remember the sub-category you identified; use it to help you develop search terms.

Use the source evaluation guide to vet each source you consult.

What has been done already to try to address this problem? How effective were these plans?

What constructive, collaborative action could still be taken to address this problem?