Web Resources for Any Discipline

Workshop, February 2011
Joel Barlow High School
Jacquelyn Whiting, Coordinator and Presenter

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Session 1:

Collaborative, Creative Demonstration of Learning
Presentation Resources for Students to Use
Creating Web Books or Presentations

Wix for creating Flash websites (meet my puppies, Womens's Suffrage or Hoover)
My eBook for intense, rich multimedia books


Group Story Telling at FoldingStory
Figment is an online writing community

Making Movies without a Camera at Animoto (make your images and movies into a movie). The Roaring 20s
WeVideo: Online Video Editing
More Formats I Have Not Yet Tried
Fakebook: make pages for historical or literary characters

Yudu: upload pdf, Word, Excel or PowerPoint
YouPublisher: turn pdfs into books with page turning effects
Simple Booklet is exactly what the name implies

Aviary: a suite of presentation tools
Aviary Roc: a music creator, make soundtracks for presentations

IDroo: realtime, multiuser whiteboard (for Windows)
* A Little Something Extra *

Web-based Media Resources
Demos and Downloads from MIT Media Lab
Studio Projects from Purdue University
The Buck Institute for Education: Project-Based Learning
Google Chrome Apps for Education Web Store
Academic Earth: Online Courses from Top Scholars
TeachersDomain: Digital Media Resources
Periodic Table of Data Visualizations
MasteryConnect: for sharing Common Core lessons
The Backchannel

Backchan.nl/ is a forum to use during a presentation
Chatzy for making quick, virtual chat rooms
TodaysMeet lets you make chat rooms and set an expiration date
Edmodo is designed specifically for education backchannels
Present.ly for microblogging (like Twitter)
ClassBlogs for an all-in-one virtual classroom
YapTime for creating private social networks
PosterousSpaces: for creating public or private blog communities
ClassConnect: work with text, video, Google Apps

Socrative: for digital socractic discussions

Session 2:
Resources for Teachers
How to Find Out What is Out There
Enter the Group:
An Entire Classroom Experience, Virtually
Sit in discipline specific groups so you can easily chat; create a bank of resources to share with your department colleagues.

The Super Book of Web Resources
Learn it in Five: short how-to-use-tech videos by teachers for teachers
TTV: Russell Stannard's Teacher Training Videos
Tildee: Create or search how-to tech videos
ThinkTutorial: How-To Tutorials for all sorts of online applications from Facebook and Twitter to Gmail
LearnItIn5: Basic Video Tutorials for Web Applications
MakeUseOf: Downloadable References for Hardware Use (like iPads)
Resource Blogs

Teach Yourself at CommonCraft
Public Domain Image Sources: MorgueFile, Photos8, EduPic, WorldImages Kiosk
Documentaries: Explore.org; DocumentaryHeaven; Folkstreams; TopDocumentaryFilms
Discussion Blogs

Dave Warlick and his blog 2 Cents Worth
Making Teachers Nerdy
Social Studies

NARA's YouTube Channel
Maps and Newspapers in Many Languages
World Mapper
American in Color, 1939-1943
Nagasaki Archive
Mapeas: Placing News on the World Map
Historvius: Mapping Historic Sites
Multimedia Histories from Ohio State University
10X10: 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time
National Humanities Center Toolboxes
Council on Foreign Relations Interactive Showcase
The Monticello Explorer
Visualizing Data
Haiti, Before and After the Quake, Interactive from NYT
The Center for Civil War Photography
The Week in Rap from Flocabulary
History Animated: Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWII
Mapping America: Census Data by Zip Code from NYT
The Lifespan of a Dollar Bill (and other economics resources)
Many  Eyes: Data Visualizations
The Maproom: A Webblog about Maps
What was There: Tying Historical Photos to their Modern Location
Capzles: Multimedia Timelines of SO Many Topics
History for Music Lovers YouTube Channel
This Day in History from Nikon
RSOE: continuously updating Google map of world emergencies
Toporopa: 18 European Geography Quizzes in 6 languages
The Economist on YouTube: Videographics on many Principles
WhatWasThere: Uses Google Maps and Historical Photos
Witness: BBC podcasts; eye witnesses to important moments
WeavingHistory: creating timelines with maps
Mapping America: 2010 Census Interactive Map
Environmental Changes: UN Interactive World Map
Geographical Infographics: Mapped Visualizations of Data Sets
DocsTeach: The National Archives Experience
GEteach: human and physical geography compared
WorldMap: Data Visualizations (this one from Harvard)
World Language

Maps and Newspapers in Many Languages
BBC Languages
FORVO: Pronouncing the World's Words
Word Steps: Enriching Your Foreign Language Vocab
LangMedia: Arabic, Bulgarian, Persian, Thai, Urdu, etc.
CAPL: Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon
LingusTV for Conversational Spanish
Nabber: part vocab, part social network
Euronews: News in Many Languages
LearnALanguage: lessons, games, activities
Toporopa: 18 European Geography Quizzes in 6 languages
Lingro: translate webpages with clickable vocabulary
LyricGaps: musical world language exercises
Pronunciator: Vocab Lesson for 60 Languages
StudyStream: Read and Speak Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portugese

Brightstorm has Algebra, Geometry, Trig and Calculus Tutorials
Conrad Wolfram on TED
Mud Math Fun Facts for High School and College
Mr. Robb's Math YouTube Channel
Yummy Math: Problems Relevant in the World Today
Math TV offers Video Tutorials
Scientific Calculator
Math Open Reference has Animated and Interactive Drawings and References for Geometry
Dany Meyer's 38 Week Algebra Curriculum
Living Mathematics in the Real World from Plus Magazine
Visualizing Data
The Khan Academy
Many  Eyes: Data Visualizations
Better World Flux: Interactive Data Animation
Sport Science from ESPN
Ms.Roshan's Screencasts: AP Calculus (also on iTunes and her school's website)
MathsMaster: a growing collection of short video tutorials
Siemens STEM Academy from Discovery Education
RealWorldMath: Using Google Earth to teach Math Concepts
OffRoadAlgebra: Math and Motorcycle Racing
Hohli: Build Online Charts for Data Presentation
Desmos: Online Graphing Calculator
MathmaticsInMovies: video clips with math references
Math Open Reference: Animated, Interactive Geometry Drawings
The Futures Channel: Movies about Real-World Uses for Algebra
Gooru: Math and Science Documents, Videos, Lessons, etc.

Google Body
Cold Spring Harbor Lab's 3D Animation Library and Bio Animation Library
Dr. Saul's Biology in Motion
WikiPreMed offers a Gallery of Drawings
Celestia Space Simulation
CSI Webadventures from Rice University
Brightstorm has Biology, Chemistry and Physics Tutorials
Scitable: A Collaborative Learning Space for Science
The Khan Academy
Sumanas: Animated Tutorials for Scientific Disciplines
Chem Ed Digital Library (ChemEd DL)
Penn Medicine Medical Animation Library
Virtual Cell Animations
World Wide Telescope
Extreme Planet Makeover: Make Your Own Planet
Sport Science: defying momentum, friction, gravity
PlantetFoss: take pictures, study science
Sumanas, Inc is a Science Animation Gallery
Mount Everest in 3D
Molecular Workbench: Interactive Models; Bio, Chem Physics Simulations
Chemistry Games and Quizzes
Anatomy Arcade: Games about different body systems
Stellarium: Open Source Planetarium for your Computer
Siemens STEM Academy from Discovery Education
SolarSystemScope: Interactive 3D Model of the Solar System
Healthline Body Maps: Visualize Healthy Systems, Male 7 Female
SucceedingWithScience: Resources Indexed by Age and Interest
PTable: Interactive Periodic Table
Encyclopedia of Life: Biodiversity, One Species at a Time
WhyFiles: The Science Behind the News
Science Portal: Short Videos with Companion Articles
NASA Reverb Echo: 2700 Earth Science Data Sets
Gooru: Math and Science Documents, Videos, Lessons, etc.

By Department Recommendation
MacGraw Hill Interactives facilitate difficult topics in Astronomy, Physics, and Chemistry
Understanding Evolution from UC Museum of Paleontology
Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes from Indiana U.
Literature, Writing and Vocabulary

Interactive Romeo and Juliet
Vocab Sushi
Wordia: online dictionary bringing words to  life
Word Stash
Group Story Telling at FoldingStory
Figment is an online writing community
Raw Scripts: Online Screenwriting Software
Flocabulary: An Assortment of Rap Resources
Folding Story: a Group Storytelling Game
Tag Galaxy: Visual Word Relationships
Book Flavor: Find Books to Suit your Tastes
Shelfari: a booklovers social network
BookLamp: the Pandora of books
Capzles: Multimedia Timelines of SO Many Topics (good for giving historical context to literature)
Knoword: for building great words vocabulary
VocabGenii: unscramble words to match definitions
Phrays: word and writing prompt of the day
An Invitation to World Literature: text, video, maps
InsideStory: Illustrated Vocab Flashcards
Visual Arts

The Art Story: Art History Online
Art Babble
Smarthistory: Art History Web Book
Web Gallery of Art
Lascaux Caves
Sistine Chapel
Essential Vermeer
George Caleb Bingham
Explore Thomas Cole
Make your own Jackson Pollock
The Museum of Online Museums (MOOM)
Lessons for Modern Teachers from the MOMA
The Teachign Pallette: Perfecting the Art of Education
Convert to Cartoon
Be Funky: do Amazing Things with your Photos
Architect's Studio: Design like Frank Lloyd Wright
Color in Motion
Google Art Project amazing museum tours
ArtHistoryUnStuffed: online text; art for everyone
Musical Arts

San Francisco Symphony: Keeping Score
The Science of Music
ArtsEdge from the Kennedy Center for Teachers
UJAM: Recording Your Own Music Online
Rock Our World: Using Music to Change the World
Aviary Roc: a music creator, make soundtracks for presentations
MusicTheory.net: basic lessons to chord inversions
NY Philharmonic: Online Digital Archives
ArtsAlive: music, theater & dance from Canada's National Arts Center
BeatLab: Experiment with Beats and Sounds
Incredibox: Rythms and Sounds from Bobby McFerrin
Soundation: Create and remix sound tracks
WolframTones: create music derived from their algorithims and theory
MonkeyMachine: Drum machine for creating rhythmic accompaniment
LoopLabs: Music Mixer

From SnagLearning: The Family Meal (obesity)
The National Geographic Sleep Quiz
The Ad Decoder from BAM (Body and Mind)
The Health Hut