Web 2.0 - the Classroom Edition
Beyond Information Delivery to Real-Time Collaboration

Professional Development Strand
Joel Barlow High School

March 27, 2009


Ways We Exist in the Digital World for Fun The Value of that Experience Skills Needed or Developed


friends, fun, information, recommendations, intellectual stimulation writing fluency, critical review, interpersonal communication
Linked In professional contacts, networking, resources profession dependent, interpersonal communication
Fantasy Leagues entertainment, competition, stimulation, friendship, community prediction, strategic planning, negotiation, statistical analysis
Online Gaming entertainment, competition, stimulation, friendship, community, prediction, collaborative strategic planning, implementation of economic principles and international relations

In this context, consider the documentary researched, designed and produced by a class of students at Kansas State University... It is called "A Vision of Students Today"

From YouTube From TeacherTube Download the Quicktime

How can students exist - and thrive academically - in the digital world?


Web 2.0 Tools Learning Value Skills Needed or Developed
Google Docs Research Collaboration and Discussion; invitation only

writing fluency


source analysis

critical thinking


interpersonal communication

 strategic planning


aesthetic appreciation

fair use and source evaluation


Google Sites
Student Samples from Art History: Chris, Charlie, Tim, Conner
Presentation and Discussion; by invitation or public
Student Sample from AP US History: Hannah
Presentation and Discussion; by invitation or public
Edmodo, ClassConnect Virtual Classroom; Collaboration and Discussion; invitation only
Google Maps and Earth Collaborative Research and Presentation, Geography
Wix, Aviary, My eBook Suites of Presentation Tools
Social Bookmarking (Delicious, Stumble Upon) Collaborative Research and Resource Sharing
Skype, Google Video Video Conferencing


For Further Consideration, Contemplation, Inspiration...

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