Includes many elements of the COMMUNICATION Rubric


Scream & Shout
will.i.am & Brittney Spears

Don't You Worry Child
Swedish House Mafia

Call Me Maybe
Carly Rae Jepsen

I Cry
Flo Rida


Timely and appropriate comments, thoughtful and reflective;

uses language artfully and articulately;

consistently strives to challenge, deepen and test own ideas honestly, confronts opposition arguments not just to find flaws, but also to discover and benefit from the merits of those arguments;

listens and responds with an open mind;

clear reference to text being discussed and connects to it to other texts or reference points from previous readings and discussions;

applies complex listening skills;

applies complex reading and viewing skills;

recognizes sophisticated patterns and complex forms;

creates insightful, discerning, perceptive meaning

Refers to others’ opinions as well as readings in discussion.

Volunteers comments, most are appropriate and reflect some thoughtfulness, may lack depth & may or may not lead to other questions from students;

uses language is effectively;

accurately but superficially understands readings and applies it to the question;

Lacks evidence of original thinking - there is nothing to which others can respond;

has done the reading, may lack some detail or critical insight;

applies appropriate listening skills;

applies appropriate reading and viewing skills;

recognizes consistent patterns and forms;

creates thoughtful, perceptive, meaning

may repeat the ideas of others, but attempts to offer new insight;

discussion focuses mostly on documents and topic as opposed to incorporating the ideas of peers.

Struggles but participates, occasionally offers a comment when directly questioned;

may simply restate questions or points previously raised, may add nothing new to the discussion or provoke no responses or question;

uses language somewhat effectively;

makes errors in interpreting readings and/or ineffectively synthesizes the information with the question;

Includes some facts as well as opinion

has not read the entire text and cannot sustain any reference to it in the course of discussion; or, has read but lacks insight;

applies basic listening skills;

applies basic reading and viewing skills;

recognizes basic patterns and forms; creates plausible but superficial meaning

simply repeats the ideas of others, does not provoke new thinking or further discussion.

Does not participate and/or only makes negative or disruptive remarks;

comments are inappropriate or off topic; uses language ineffectively;

misinterprets the readings or fails to synthesize them with the question;

Relies on pre-formed opinions;

forms limited conclusions based on limited examination of information

unable to refer to text for evidence or support of remarks;

rarely applies listening skills;

rarely applies reading and viewing skills;

unable to recognize patterns and forms;

creates meaning on a literal level

comments offer no evidence that you understand what has been posted;

response is not entirely centered on topic.


Responds respectfully to other student's remarks, provokes questions and comments from the group;

shows sophisticated sense of audience;

posture, demeanor and behavior clearly demonstrate respect  and attentiveness to others;

skillfully chooses appropriate means of communication at all times;

uses sophisticated non-verbal communication;

skillfully promotes discourse

Listens to others most of the time, does not stay focused on other's comments (too busy formulating own) or loses continuity of discussion;

shows clear sense of audience;

shows some consistency in responding to the comments of others;

consistently chooses appropriate means of communication;

uses appropriate non-verbal communication;

actively promotes discourse

Drifts in and out of discussion, listening to some remarks while clearly missing or ignoring others;

shows some sense of audience;

inconsistently chooses appropriate means of communication;

uses appropriate non-verbal communication when prompted;

inconsistently engages in discourse

Disrespectful of others when they are speaking;

shows little sense of audience;

behavior indicates total non-involvement with group or discussion;

rarely chooses appropriate means of communication;

has difficulty with appropriate non-verbal communication;

rarely engages in discourse