There is no crying in collab and you are the chosen ones, so...

What does this mean? McKenna claims you can't explain collab - you just have to experience it. But, as we all well know, if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be collab, so now you have to explain it. This portfolio is a reflection on and a representation of achievement. Therefore, you, the class, need to define two things: what are the categories, so to speak, of achievement; and what are the themes that we have explored this year?

The answer is NOT: now I am better at writing transitions. (BIG DEAL)             INSTEAD: think about skills that are bigger, broader, more significant, and harder to attain; skills that develop you as a person and a student, not just a task you learned to execute. Then, consider what ideas or questions wove through what you were reading, writing, viewing and discussing regardless of the specific content or novel you were studying or group with which you were working.

The minimum components of your web portfolio are:

evidence accompanied by entry slips, and...
a self-reflection

and it must be:

You can tell where you are immediately; the home page has strong eye appeal; not cluttered, graphics do not distract from content; image selection is appropriate; images and appearance act as a motif for the meaning of the portfolio; home page makes you want to continue exploring the site.
Easily Navigable You can move from page to page, link to link, item to item with ease, without getting lost or confused; sufficient links for both backward and forward movement; links are helpful, appropriate and all work; it is always clear where you are. Links between the pages show your understanding of the connections between what you learned and what you achieved.
Elucidating Initial articulation of the themes and the array of skills identified demonstrate growth as a literate student. Extensive evidence demonstrates a developed understanding of how the identified themes fit into the larger sequence of the course.

Sufficient information to make the site worth visiting; information is clearly labeled and organized; content effectively achieves its intended purpose; information is accurate and relevant.

The self- reflection provides extensive evidence and describes, in detail, the steps you have taken in your development as a learner. You evaluate, in detail, and articulate how thinking about thinking helps to improve your learning.

Not only do you evaluate your progress over the last ten months, but you also anticipate how to continue this growth beyond Collab.

The Topics
(as decided on by the class)
Human Nature

Cold War
Natural Rights

Fitting In

Expressing Emotion



Entry Slips
An entry slip must accompany each piece that you submit.  You have chosen work to represent specific aspects of your learning and growth over the past year, and the entry slip needs to reflect your rationale for selecting it. Each Entry slip should contain:


Examples of past student portfolios....
Tara Laxton-Kowalski

Stephanie Kranes    Zack Klomberg    Andrew Hendricks

Josh Shapiro     Emily Gilbert    Bryan Foster