How do times of conflict affect human nature?

Before You Read:
What conclusions you can draw from the situations studied in this assessment (Berlin crisis, Vietnam, space race, nuclear proliferation, communist insurgency and civil war) about human nature? What similarities (and of course) differences exist in the way the various groups responded to their conflicts? What motivated their decisions? Is one more justified (in their actions) than the other?

What are the rules for resolving conflict? In times of conflict: what emotions govern our actions? What national policies are in place to deal with conflict? How do we weigh the two? How do you know?

After You Read:
Find one passage (quote) from LOF.  The passage should represent what you think is the "essence" the novel. (If you don't know what "essence" means -look it up!)

How would you characterize Simon? Jack? Ralph? Piggy? the Beast?  (Consider the aspects of "characterization": how a character speaks, acts, reacts, physical appearance, etc... find examples!) How well do each of these characters' actions and reactions contribute to your understanding of "Human Nature" and the Cold War? 

The Final Essay:
How well did Golding understand human nature and the cold war?