Character Analysis Questions

Below is a list of 48 questions that will help you to understand and define the character you are creating.

  1. Where do you live? What is the size of the community?
  2. What material was used in the construction of your house? How many rooms do you have in your house?
  3. How would you describe your neighborhood? Who are your neighbors?
  4. Where do you shop? What do you buy when you shop?
  5. Are you religious? Do you attend services on a regular basis? Where?
  6. How do you heat your house? What do you use to cook on? How do you keep your clothes clean?
  7. Where do you work?
  8. How long have you had your present job?
  9. What do you do at work?
  10. How do you feel about your boss? (If your are the boss, how do you feel about your workers?)
  11. Do you plan to do this job the rest of your life?
  12. What do you get paid for your work? Do you think or feel you are paid well for your work?
  13. Are you a member of a union?
  14. How large is your immediate family?
  15. Who is the youngest member? Who is the oldest member?
  16. Who has died in your family that you can remember? How did the individual die?
  17. Have you been ill lately? What did you do for your illness?
  18. What are the most common afflictions you and your family suffer? What medicines do you use?
  19. What clothes do you own? Do you dress in style? Describe the style. What is your favorite garment?
  20. Are you literate?
  21. Do you speak English? Do you speak any language besides English?
  22. What do you read (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) What is the last thing that you read?
  23. What is your favorite food? How often do you eat your favorite food?
  24. What do you eat for an average meal? What would you like to eat for an average meal?
  25. Who are your friends?
  26. When you get together with friends what do you talk about?
  27. Are you married? If so, where did you meet? What attracted you to one another?
  28. What do you do on Friday and Saturday nights?
  29. What do you do on a Sunday afternoon?
  30. Where do you go when you want to have fun?
  31. Do you feel you are in the mainstream of things?
  32. Do you go on vacation? If so, where do you go?
  33. What do you worry about most?
  34. What has been the high point of your life?
  35. What is the biggest mistake you have made in your life?
  36. What is your highest priority in life?
  37. What is the "newest thing" in your life?
  38. What is the "newest idea" in your life?
  39. What was your favorite childhood toy?
  40. Do you think or feel you know what is going on in the world?
  41. Do you think or feel you know what is going on in your community?
  42. Who do you most admire in your community? In the nation?
  43. Can you vote? If so, when was the last time you voted? For whom? Do you belong to a political party?
  44. What recent political event pleased you the most?
  45. What recent political event pleased you least?
  46. Who is your hero?
  47. What advice would you give the younger generation? The older generation?
  48. Do you feel the world is changing too fast or not fast enough? Explain.