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American Government
, grade 10
FINAL EXAM, January 2015
SOCIAL CONTRACT, February 2015

Found Poems, written & illustrated
American Studies, grade 11
Found Poems about WWII Island Hopping, derived from the memoir of Eugene Sledge
April 2015

Maps of the Legislative Process
American Government, grade 10
April 2015; created using created using Canva, Picktochart, Google Draw, Google Slides, Moovly and iMovie

WWII Propaganda Posters
American Studies, grade 11
London and Dresden Propaganda Posters
April 2015; created using Canva, Google Draw, Google Slides and various online image editors

Interactive Videos on the U.S. Congress
American Government, grade 10
Period 1
Period 3
Period 8

Interactive Videos on the Great Depression
American Studies, grade 11
Period 5
Period 6

Social Contract Infographics
American Government, grade 10
February 2015; created using Canva, Picktochart, or Moovly

Mikey B.

Nick N.

Maeve M.

Amanda S.

Julian D.

Ben H.
Kayla C.

Mike B.

Rita G.

Dane M.

Jake S

Courtney B.

Ethan P.

Gretchen R.

Angela S.

Preston C.

Brian G.

Billy B.

Shannon G.

Isaac L.
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Claudia G.

Ally B.

Emma T.

Gianni B.

Christiana R.

Kate S.

Jack B.

Dimitrios P.

Will M.

Adelle H.

Andrew J.

McKenzie P.

Kelly K.

Joey S.

Austin H.

Jake C.

Kristin A.

Katy Z.

Zach M.

Gabby C.

Robert H.

Katie N.

Marissa G.

Jenna L.

Liam S.
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Lance P.

Reilly H.

Alexandra S.
McKenzie P.

Julia R.


Election 2014: The Midterms (and why we should care even though we don't live in that state)
American Government, grade 10
October 2014; created using Canva

Richie L, Elena P, Allie L

Maddie P, Jess M, Cristina K

Chris R, Andrew M, Jack D

Briana M, Katherine B, Tess S

Naya P, Julianna F, Emily H

Luke C, Olivia C, Megan K

Libby A, Bryan C, Sam P

Cayla N, Alicia S. Katt D

Isabel M, Dylan T, Jenna T

Seb H,

Mari R, Chris M, Ethan L

Joe D, John S

Meridyth L, Daniel Z, Anastasia K

Ben R, Tommy R, Bobbie P

Phil V, Tyler D

Becca B, Nella K

Matt S, Max T, Jack H

Sana M, Margot A, Abby D

Annie B, Andrew S

Max M, Jack G, Zach S

Ian K, Alex S, Kylie L

Maria T, Caroline M

Morgan Y, Kelly K, Chris W

Trevor F, Jack C

Sophie P, Maxie J, Mathilda C
Jillian S, Lee W, Andrew N


They Say... I Say: Exploring Enduring Themes of the American Revolution
American Studies, grade 11
September 2014; created using Canva; Avatars made with Picassohead or FaceYourManga

Lydia C.
Zach B.
Gabi A.
David K.
Melina A.
 Phillip M
Lizzie W.
 Ryan K.
Peyton W.
John D.
Maddie W.
Steve G.
Olympia C.

Noah S.
Emilie H
Josh P.
Leah F.
Will J.
Anna C.
Sam F.
Liz P.
Connor M.
Ashley A.
James R. Josh F.
Alejandro G.
Nick F.
Olivia M.
Nick K.
Ms. W.
Geordie A. Christian HH Ryan F. Glenn S. Corey L.
  Liam M.
Cole M.
D.J. S.

The American Revolution: Avoiding the Danger of a Single Story
American Studies, grade 11
September 2014; created using Padlet

Josh, Phillip, Cole, Liz & Peter
Anna, Geordie, Liam & Christian
John, Alejandro, Emilie & Dylan K.
Corey, Ryan, Chase & Ashley

David, Steve & Glenn

Olivia, Nick, Andrew R. & Dylan C.

Josh F, Will, Peyton & Mike

Sam, DJ, Leah, Connor & Andrew H.

Zach, Melina, Noah & James

Quinn, Lizzie & Olympia

Current Events Explained... on Digital Bulletin Boards
American Government, grade 10
September 2014; created using Padlet

Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

Briana, Anastasia & Meridyth

Bryan, Dan & Libby
Richie, Tyler & Allie

Matt, Max & Chris

Sebastian, Trevor, Olivia & Jack

ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Maddie, Tess, Katharine, Cristina

Maxie, Annie, Elena, Sydni

Andrew, Jack, Dylan, Phil

Ethan & Mari

Jillian, Lee, Morgan & Kelly

Shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO

Megan, Luke, Jack & Zach

Sam, Ben, Bobby & Tommy

Jess, Naya, Emily & Julianna

Andrew, Jack, Alex, Ian

Nella, Jenna & Isabel

Unaccompanied Child Immigrants

Joe, Max, John & Jack

Mathilda, Sophia & Kylie