The 1920s: How Loudly Did They Roar?

"The age we live in is the alivest and best that mankind has ever known."
 - “The Age We Live In” Editorial The Atlanta Constitution March 15, 1929

Start in the center and unpack the statement there, then compare the sentiment of the quotation with the photographs in other spaces making a line either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. (Remember our photo analysis protocol: POSERS). Remember the overview of the 1920s you received last week.
Brainstorm (and list) all of the questions your are prompted to ask when viewing the three texts in context of each other.
Write a paragraph in which you synthesize the three texts to derive your interpretation of the 1920s.

Questions to Guide Synthesis: How can the three texts you examined (2 photos and Hoover's statement) coexist? What can you say about life in the US because these texts co-exist? How does each text influence your reading of the others?


  We have emerged from the losses of the Great War and the reconstruction following it with increased virility and strength. From this strength we have contributed to the recovery and progress of the world. What America has done has given renewed hope and courage to all who have faith in government by the people. In the large view, we have reached a higher degree of comfort and security than ever existed before in the history of the world. Through liberation from widespread poverty we have reached a higher degree of individual freedom than ever before. The devotion to and concern for our institutions are deep and sincere. We are steadily building a new race—a new civilization great in its own attainments...We aspire to distinction in the world, but to a distinction based upon confidence in our sense of justice as well as our accomplishments within our own borders and in our own lives.
- President Herbert Hoover Inaugural Address March 24, 1929s