Renewed Purpose: Quest for a Place to Belong

The Roaring 1920s

The Rationale:

You are living through transformative times in the history of the US. Even while we are still in the moment, we know that we are experiencing events that future generations will examine and re-examine while wondering: what must it have been  like to live at the turn of the 21st Century? What are the tragedies and triumphs that will define this era? Who are the people who will be icons of your generation? How accurately will our story be told? Who will the storytellers be?

These are the questions I ask myself whenever I begin considering how to teach the 1920s. The ROARING 20s, The Jazz Age. What must it have been like back then? And who's story don't I know? In order to tell as many stories as we can, you will work with two partners to build historical characters: fact-based characters derived from the evidence you find who define a piece of the American experience during the 1920s. You will be given the briefest description to serve as a catalyst for your research; the rest of your character definition will be based on what you find. Here are the possible characters:

Building the Character:

Playing the Part:

Final Assessment Options: