File:Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium (6204837462).jpgSocial Justice Writing Prompts

Option 1: Black Men & White Women
Tim Tyson was a child living in Oxford, NC when Dickie Marrow was killed in broad daylight. In his examination of this haunting event, Blood Done Sign My Name, Tyson said: "The force that drove the bullet through Henry Marrow's brain, if you were searching for something more explosive than gunpowder and more specific than that Cain slew Abel, was white people's deep, irrational fear of sex between black men and white women, any single instance of which was supposed to abolish the republic, desecrate the Bible, and ring in the Planet of the Apes" (43). Write an essay in which you explore the implications of this statement.

Option 2: Reparations
Consider Ta-Nehisi Coates' call for reparations to black people as compensation for the accumulated impact of marginalizing policies enforced by whites against blacks since the days of slavery.

Option 3: Social Justice Question
Return to the question you asked at the beginning of this unit... now you can begin to answer it drawing upon all we have read, watched and studied in this unit, including Henrietta.