PBS: Liberty
Episode 6: Are We to be a Nation?

Questions to guide your note-taking:

  1. Why did Washington surrender his command? Why was it so surprising that he didn't? What new definition of power did he inspire?
  2. What is inevitable about the new nation? Why is this so?
  3. Thirteen nations vs. one: why is this the greatest battle of the Revolution? of the 18th Century?
  4. Why so much secrecy? Ultimately, was this wise?
  5. Which do you believe: democracy only be successful on a small scale? the larger the republic with many factions, the more likely that a majority won't be tyrannical?
  6. Why would someone be suspicious of the new Constitution? What was to be feared?
  7. Who favored the new Constitution? What was to be gained?
  8. What kind of system could best protect the values fought for in the Revolution?