Timed Write: 11/17/14


Directions: Respond to one of the following prompts in a well-developed essay. On each page of your essay, write your last name the page number in the upper right hand corner. Write your full name and a proper heading on the first page of your writing. Don’t forget to give your piece a title.



Prompt A:


In the introduction to the short story collection, Alexie wrote:


So why am I telling you that these stories are true? First of all, they’re not really true. They are the vision of one individual looking at the lives of his family and his entire tribe, so these stories are necessarily biased, incomplete, exaggerated, deluded, and often just plain wrong. But in trying to make them true and real, I am writing what might be called reservation realism.

What is the definition of reservation realism? Well, I’ll let you read the book and figure that out for yourself. (xvi)


Define “reservation realism” and explore how Alexie tells the “truth” or at least the partial truth in his short story collection.


In your essay be sure to:

·         Come up with a precise and arguable interpretation of “reservation realism”

·         Draw upon multiple stories within the collection to support your interpretation of this term.

·         Explain how Alexie plays with “the truth” in order to make the accounts of his family and tribe real.


Prompt B


1.      Write a persuasive letter to the Washington Redskins explaining your position about their team’s mascot.

Is it acceptable for the team to be called the Washington Redskins? Why or why not? Use your understanding from this unit to justify your position.




2.      Write a letter to Sarah Monich (The teacher who shared her video depicting life on the reservation) or to her students.

What did you learn from watching her video? What questions do you have for her or for her students? What would you like her to know? How did watching the video change your impression of life on a reservation?