Truth and Reconciliation:
“It’s the small things that hurt the most” (49).


In response to one of the following prompts, use the structure of Alexie’s “Indian Education” as a model for a piece of your own.

Option 1:
Write about the important educational experiences of your life that have defined you. The moment is likely a small one, but its impact resonates. Educational experiences in this case, refers to not just the traditional experiences you have had in a school building, but the moments outside of or tangential to the lesson, that have shaped your understanding of yourself.

Option 2:
Write about a time in your past and explore that small hurtful thing you said or did. This thing may have been inconsequential to you - remember, it is a small thing. But with reflection (which implies also growth) you recognize the ways in which this word or action may have been a part of someone else’s education.

In your piece, you should incorporate some of the narrative techniques that Alexie uses in his collection. The goal is not to replicate Alexie’s voice, but to experiment with the tools he uses to find your own. Consider the following rhetorical devices: