Constructed Response:


American Studies

25 points



How does Sherman Alexie subvert stereotypes about Native Americans in The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven? For what purpose?


         Explain how Alexie subverts stereotypes (explores his use of literary elements and/or techniques to guide your analysis) and connect this to the authorís message or theme. What is he trying to show by using these techniques in his stories?


         Consider our analysis of structure, extended metaphor, imagery, irony, etc.


         You may choose to focus on one single story from the collection, or you may choose to explain the connections between several stories.


         You will have 45 minutes of class time to complete the constructed response.


         You may use any of our recent class materials as well as your copy of the text during the writing portion.


         Your work will be graded using the constructed response rubric. (See Reverse)