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Topic 1:

Topic 2:

Which one?
Collect information to make an informed choice.

EX: Which Twentieth Century president did the most to promote civil rights?





Understand problems and perspectives, weigh options, and propose solutions.

EX: How should we solve the problem of water pollution in Long Island Sound?





What if?
Use the knowledge you have to pose a hypothesis and consider options.

EX: What if the Apollo 13 Astronauts had not survived?





Make a moral or practical decision based on evidence.

EX: Should we clone humans?





Understand and explain relationships to get to the essence of a complicated issue.

EX: Why do people engage in human trafficking?







Topic #1 Civil War

Topic #2  Shakespeare

Which one?

Which Civil War general was the best military strategist?

Which of the characters in Henry IV has the most relevance for today’s politicians?


How did King Cotton affect the Confederacy’s waging of war?

How does Hal’s ascension to the throne affect perceptions of his father’s coup?

What if?

What if General Lee had better intelligence at Gettysburg?

What if Brutus had made the final funeral oration in Julius Caesar?


Should Confederate symbols be used in official state flags and logos today?

Should Hamlet have minded his own business?


Why did Great Britain favor the South during the Civil War?

Why does Shakespeare use so many references to the natural and unnatural in Macbeth?