World War II Timeline

1938 Kristallnacht
1939 Invasion of Poland
1940 June, France falls first (Vichy Government installed)
  Blitz against Britain
  Axis Powers formed (Germany-Hitler, Japan-Tojo, Italy-Mussolini)
1941 June-Germany invades Soviet Union
  August Roosevelt and Churchill announce the Atlantic Charter
  December Pearl Harbor
US and Britain jointly declare on Japan
Big 3—FDR, P.M. Winston Churchill, Josef Stalin (Soviet Union)
“I’ll walk hand in hand with the devil to beat Hitler” --FDR
1942 Executive Order 9066 Issued
Forced relocation and Internment
of the Japanese-Americans begins
1944 D-Day
  Battle of the Bulge
1945 January, liberating of concentration camps begins
  April 12, FDR dies
  April 30, Hitler Dies
  May 8, V-E Day
  June, signing of UN charter
  August 6, Hiroshima, August 9 Nagasaki