POSERS: A Guide to Photo Analysis

What types of people do you see in the photograph? Are they posing or was the photo taken without their knowledge? What is their clothing like? Are you puzzled by anything related to their dress, expression, body language and so on?


What objects do you see in the photograph? Are there objects missing that you would expect to see in the photograph? Can you explain the function or the purpose of all the objects?


What is the setting of the photograph? Are there buildings in the picture? Can you tell where the picture was taken? Can you identify the time in history? Are there any plants or animals that tell you what the setting might be?


What action do you see between the people in the photograph? Are they showing any kind of emotion? Is the action staged? If no people are shown, what is suggested between the objects or animals in the photograph?


What relationships do you see in the photograph between the individuals and the objects? Do the objects mean something to the people? Are the people connected to one another (family, business, friends, enemies)?


Based on the questions presented and your observations, what are one or two things you can summarize about this photo?