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3 - Day 2
Welcome to a BRAND NEW Marking Period; do you have a GROWTH MINDSET?

Video exchange with a teacher from a school on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota
4 - Day 3 (4) Early Dismissal
MURAL introduction and planning

Designing your own project

In case you are interested: Sherman Alexie's Twitter Feed
5 - Day 5
Combined class: analytical constructed response on Alexie's subversion of stereotypes

HW: finish your response, share Google doc by Friday 7:30AM, bring printed copy to class

6 - Black Day
We drop today
7 - Gold Day
MURAL - meet in LMC Common Area
Mural Rubric

HW: "Imagining the Reservation" &  "Indian Education" discussion preparation exercises
10 - Day 6
Discussion of "Imagining the Reservation" & "Indian Education"

11 - Day 7 (Veteran's Day)
meet in room A105
Visual mapping of the literary, historical, cultural and current events threads of this unit

: Creative writing inspired by Indian Education - due Thursday for a writing group
12 - Day 1
Double, combined class to work on visual map begun yesterday

Multimedia Rubric

HW: Creative writing inspired by Indian Education - due Thursday for a writing group
13 - Day 2
Double, combined class to finish visual map begun yesterday; it is DUE at the end of the period

Multimedia Rubric

: Creative writing inspired by Indian Education - due Thursday for a writing group
14 - Day 3
Whiting at PD
Junior Writing Portfolio

In English: writing groups for creative piece; DUE Friday 11/21
17 - Day 4
Civil Rights & Women's' Rights
Antebellum US: slavery and Seneca Falls

First, Slavery from Crash Course and this reading on the history of slavery in the US. (A required reading quiz will be shared with you via Google form.)
Qs due Thursday

In English
: Timed Write
18 - Day 5
19 - Day 6
20 - Day 7
Text focus:
Frederick Douglass, “What the 4th of July Means to the Negro"

HW: Make a Google Doc, title it: Social Justice Question. Type your question at the top of the document. Then, explain 2-3 ways the Douglass can be applied to your question. Share with me.

Slavery Qs DUE today
21 - Day 1
Text focus:
Sojourner Truth (bio): discuss and compare with Douglass - annotate class poster
Rose Williams

2-3 ways the Truth or Williams can be applied to your question ; watch Crash Course: 19th Century Women

Education Narrative DUE today
24 - Day 2
Seneca Falls: Declaration of Sentiments
Race, Class, and Suffrage in the early 19th Century
Explore how this is similar to and different from Abigail Adams' letter; and how this is similar to and different from the Dec of Ind. Post your ideas HERE.

AND... connect to your question (use quotes)

HW: Women and the Race Divide
25 - Day 3
19th Amendment Reading
One Woman, One Vote (1:10:00)
What internal divisions did the women's movement suffer?
What is the moral duty of law makers?

Here is the 19th Amendment... connect what you learned today to your question.
26 - Day 4(5) Early Dismissal
Double 6 - race and real estate

27 - Happy Thanksgiving 28 - No School
Travel: The Negro Motorist Green Book (1949, 1956, YouTube)