All readings will be provided on the website. We will spend time learning to read visual as well as written texts. Text focus will range from historical essays to current events as are relevant to our units of study.

You will write (and rewrite) short essays this semester in response to our course Essential Questions.

  How is power distributed?
What are the qualities of effective leadership
What is the purpose of government?
What are the rights and responsibilities of the rulers and the ruled?

Grading Policy:

Essays: evaluated on a 50-100 point scale, highest score prevails, due dates determined by class consensus for all drafts; all work is to be turned in on the due date agreed to by the class; all due dates are posted on the calendar; late work will be penalized one letter grade per day in addition to forfeiture of the revision option; the only exceptions are circumstances discussed with me in advance of the due date. Work more than 10 class days late will not be accepted.

Homework: posted on the calendar and explained in class. Point values will vary from 10 to 25 points.

Quizzes: prior to discussions of readings quizzes may be administered at my discretion; quizzes will be open note and worth 50 points

Grade derived from total points (points earned divided by points possible)