Plan Your Own Adventure: Interactive Videos about Congress

Depending on the number of students in each class you will work with one or two classmates to create a video about one of the topics in this chart:

Topic Options:

Structure and Qualifications:

  • Bicameral: House vs. Senate
  • Profile CT Senators
  • Profile District 4 Representative


  • Taxation Authority
  • Regulation of Commerce
  • War and Treaty Powers
  • Impeachment
  • Express vs. Implied Powers

When each video is complete we will compile them into one, interactive video explanation of Congress. Here are two models of this video format: Ms.W's book trailer and KNEWTON GMAT. We will watch and analyze these videos in class in order to prepare for making your videos. In addition, you have this template (Here it is as an image.) so you can see where your component fits into the whole project.

Your classmates are relying on you to be thoughtful, thorough, creative and accurate.

The purpose of your video is to explain why your topic matters in an examination of the U.S. Congress. Your explanation can include (but is not limited to):

team initials.topic
For example, mine could be: JW.Bicameral or if I made a sub-intro: JW:SubIntro1

For the AMBITIOUS among you: we need an intro video and sub-intros.... step up to the opportunity!

And here is what we made!

Interactive Videos on the U.S. Congress
American Government, grade 10
Period 1
Period 3
Period 8