Analyzing News Stories

I.                   Begin by selecting two stories about your assigned topic.
Allsides is a good aggregator that offers stories from across the political spectrum. Be sure to choose stories from different ends of the spectrum.

Story 1 Headline

Story 2 Headline













How effectively does the headline 1) summarize the story and 2) get the readerís attention? Does the headline slant your reading of the story? Explain.




II.                Briefly describe the factual content of the story.

Who is involved?

What did he, she or they do?

When did this event happen?

Where did it happen?

Why did it happen?

How did it happen?


III.             Identify politically-charged labels, adjectives, and verbs.
For example: Is a group called "freedom fighters?" What term is used to describe those who support abortion rights?




IV.              Now consider how effectively sources (i.e. quotations) were used.

Did they add to the credibility of the story? Explain.

Did they make the story more interesting? Explain.

Did they fairly present differing points of view about the topic? Explain.

Are there any views missing?


V.                 Compare photographs and photo captions to the news stories connected with them.
How does the image affect your understanding of the story?





VI.              Discuss the accuracy of the facts used in the story.
How do you know that the sources used were reliable and accurate? Provide specific examples.