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American Studies
American Gov't

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We, the community of Joel Barlow High School, believe in a rigorous, dynamic education that respects the diversity of student abilities and interests. Committed to an open and active exchange of ideas, we promote values, knowledge, and skills that foster personal integrity, intellectual curiosity, individual well-being, and civic responsibility... The measure of an education, that which will sustain learners beyond Joel Barlow High School, is the vital exchange between educators and students. We hold to the tenets of that exchange: the stimulation of the intellect, the cultivation of inquiry, the fostering of thoughtful behavior, the enhancement of a sense of wonder, the quest for truth. The essential nature of the classroom is more than the transfer of content. It is an invitation for all students to develop the promise of their inherent talents. The informing metaphor of our school community is learning-as-discovery with the expectation that, by using their minds as well, students will have opportunities to appreciate the triumphs, the frustrations, and the incongruities of the human spirit.